Throw Pillows That Match Dunn and Edwards 2021 Color of the Year Wild Blue Yonder DE5855 and Accent Shades

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Below you’ll find a small selection of our minimal graphic design patterns on throw pillows with this delightful pastel blue shade of color pairable to Dunn and Edwards 2021 color of the year, Wild Blue Yonder DE5855 as well as suggested accent colors. Other home decorating essentials are also available. More designs will be added weekly.

Please note that we are only the graphic design creator; all physical products with our designs, patterns, and solid colors are manufactured and ship to you via our print partners; Society6. We do not have the ability to adjust sales prices or sizes of any of the products. By clicking the links in the image captions or the photographs of the pillows you will be redirected to that pillow in our Society6 shops Simply Solids or Petite Patterns.

Disclaimer: This blog article contains advertisements with affiliate links, meaning if you purchase something through these advertisements, I will receive a small commission for my recommendations from the store you made the purchase through. There is no cost to you, we simply need to make you aware by law.

Color Matched Decorative Throw Pillows


Solid Shades


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