Graham and Brown 2021 Color of the Year Epoch and Accent Shades

“Epoch is proud, regal and luxuriously bold which is why it is our Color of the Year 2021. It can be used in many different ways throughout the home to give varying levels of drama so don’t be scared to introduce it even if you prefer schemes that are a little less daring! Create sophisticated tonal schemes by pairing with soft lavenders, rich teals will give you a peacock inspired haven and if playfulness is your thing – pair with peach tones or pops of pink for a gorgeous wow factor!”

Showing Wall Color Graham and Brown 2021 Color of the Year Epoch and Featured Art by PIPA Fine Art (from Left: Abstract Color Blend Ocean Sunset and Marblehead Lighthouse at Sunset

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Color Matched Home Decor and More

These stunning shades of color are currently available as solid hues on home decor items, created to help you pull these stunning hues deeper into your decorating projects. Designs and patterns will be coming in the following weeks. If you’ve explored the other Colors of the Year for 2021 and saw a design or pattern you liked and want to use these shades, simply message us through our main website, we will gladly create it for you at no extra cost.

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Solid Colors on Home Decor in our Society6 shop (designs and patterns coming soon)

Please note that we are only the graphic design creator; all physical products with our designs, patterns, and solid colors are manufactured and ship to you via our print partners. We do not have the ability to adjust sales prices or sizes of any of the products.



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